The  Forgiveness Project.

Welcome to the forgiveness project.

.On one hand, forgiveness is a basic of the Christian life.

On the other hand, in certain areas,

many Christians feel pressured into forgiving

before we are ready

or before we understand why.

Today I set my heart to the Lord,

to seek Him for an understanding.

Are there times when we are pressured to forgive?

Are there times when there is nothing to forgive?

.I had just shared a need - it was a side track
but so pressing it was like a headache.
as if strings were being pulled from my brain.

I was asked if I would forgive
and although the lecture had given me new insights into an application of forgiveness
I needed to clear my head.

the leader gained the impression I was refusing to forgive
I lost it.

I spent the next week processing the first issue
and the question of forgiveness in two on line forums.

Suddenly a respondant had a question

"do you mean to say that your parents wanted you to ask them to forgive you?
(when they sent me to a monsters house where csa happened)

it seemed absurd - a perversion of "forgiveness"

now wonder I had underlying confusion in regards to forgiveness.

this was an attempt to pervert forgiveness.

I can only ask to be forgiven if I am responsable
I can only forgive the one who is responsable

I cannot be asked to be forgiven for something I was forced to do in my infantcy against my will.

In the same threat I posed the possability of the existance
of premature forgiveness

but I'll discuss that later.

At this stage I merely want to establish a need to research the ingredients,
the presuppositions
of real forgiveness.

Let us no longer demand forgiveness from those who may not have sinned but been sinned against.

no one is sinnless

but sometimes the sin against us - the abuse
which we are struggling with.


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The forgiveness project is a project with ongoing research, discussion  and insights

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